Nemocin contains Neem oil in different helps in maintaining environmental health by reducing the level of pollution . it insures optimum utilization of natural resources for a short term benefit and helps in conserving them for future generation .neem oil is the best herbal antifeedant & repellant for control of pests .it is totally eco frindly herbal pesticides. It effective for control of insects &pests .it reduces the cost of agriculture production and al so improves the soil stops the growth and reproduction of insects make them weak and finally kill them. It helps in keeping agricultural production for higher level and makes it sustainable.
Dose:- 2- 3 ml. per Ltr. Of water & spray throughly.repeat the spray at an interval of 15 days for better crop growth.

Time of application :-

  • 1st spray: 15-20 days after transplantation/germination
  • 2nd spray: at flowering or fruit setting stage. (20 days after 1st spray.)
  • 3rd spray: 15 days after 2nd spray.


Tezas is a copper based product containing soluble copper for foliar application used to control large variety of fungal dieses in plant such as leafcural, powdery mildew, black spot ,rust anthracnose, fire blight & bacterial leaf spot. It al so supply copper nutrient to the plant. very much beneficial in chilly , tomato, garlic. Tea, etc. crops.

Dose :- 2.5 - 3 ml. Tezas per liter of water or 40-50 ml. is used for each 16 ltr. Spray pump or 500-600 ml. per acre depending upon the requirements of crop.

Advantage :-

  • It has both preventive & curative activities.
  • It mainly prevents damaging of plants due to fungal infection
  • It also prevents damaging of plants due to bacterial & viral infections.
  • It is an effective alternative to synthetic fungicides.
  • It also acts like a plant tonic, which rejuvenates the affected plants instantly to a healthy and productivity state

Composition :-

  • Coper Aminocid - 10 %
  • Aqua Base - 90 %.


Sulfovita is a plant food containing liquid sulphur form natural source based on neem for foliar application . it increases the absorption & metabolisim of N,P,K ,Fe,Mg,Mn,Zn & other Micro nutrients . it is beneficial for onion , garlic, & all frouits ,vegetables.

Dose :- 3 - 4 ml Sulfovita in each liter of water or 40-50 ml. is used for each 16 ltr. Spray pump or 400-500 ml. per acre by stirring the solution thoroughly.

Composition :-

  • Elemental Sulfur - 20 %
  • Aqueous Solvent - 80 %.


Siliox makes availability of silicon to the plants which are already present in the soil to the extent of 60-70% but this is not absorbed by normal and week roots. Siliox sprayed on plants or drenching near roots, Activates the roots in such a way that the roots absorb silica from soil. It also effectively safe guard crop from various fungus & bacterial diseases various stress like high temperatures, humidity, rainfall & changing climatic conditions.

Recommendation :- For Sugarcane, Wheat, Paddy, Soyabean,Potato,Onion,Cotton,Turgram, Tomato,Brinjal,Groundnut, Chilli,Mango,Grapes.Poegranate,Strawberry,Oilseed,Pulses,All Fruits Vegetables And Flowering Crops.

Doses :-powder 2 gm. per liter of water or 1 kg per acre for soil application through drip irrigation.


Bazzra is a wetting and spreading agent. It is used with all types of pesticides, Fungicides and weedicides .Bazzra increases the distribution and absorption of the spray in the plants. Bazra is recommended in all types of crops and vegetables.

Dose :- 1 Ml. of Bazzra in each liter of water or 10 - 12 ml, Bazzra is used for each 16 ltrs spray pump and stir the solution thoroughly.

Advantage :-

  • Compatible with all commonly used insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • Enhances performance of fungicide and insecticides
  • With low vapor pressure, it reduces the evaporation losses.
  • It holds the spray fluid for a longer period of time on leaves and plant surface

Composition :-

  • Aloevera extract - 12%
  • Nontoxic surfactants - q.s