Krishak Sathee

Krishak Sathee is unique organic manure having pesticide action. It is well composed, highly enriched, perfectly balanced, and finest grade organic manure suitable for all kinds of timber crops, vegetable crops, and field crops. It is state-of-the-art manure having the potential to enhance the yield, safeguard soil health and protect the crop against harmful pests. It supplies most of the essential major and micronutrients required for optimum level of management.

Advantage :-

  • Supplies almost all the major, secondary, and micronutrients required for the plant.
  • Creates optimal conditions in the soil for high yields and good quality crops.
  • Improves growth and physiological activities of plants.
  • Enhances flowering, and fruit set and reduces fruit drop
  • Improves keeping quality and self-life of vegetable crops.
  • Induces resistance in plants against disease and insects and hence reduces the cost of plant protection measures
  • Improves soil physical properties such as granulation, tilth aeration, root penetration, and water holding capacity.
  • Improves chemical properties such as supply and retention of soil nutrients and promotes favorable chemical reactions.

Krishak Ratna

Krishak Ratna is a granular Organic fertilizer that provides nutrients continuously to the plants for a longer period. The nutrients within the granules are activated by the presence of water. It only takes a minimal amount of moisture to start the diffusion process for the release of nutrients from the granules. It is based on naturally available nutrients with Humic acid & Seaweed extract. Krishakratna increases soil fertility for a long period & gives plants balanced nutrients for higher yield.

Dose :- 10 to 20 kg per acre as per crop pattern.

Compatibility :- compatible with most all chemical fertilizers.

Recommendation :- krishakratna is recommended for all type of crops

Krishak Jyoti

Krishak Jyoti is a Green Chemistry phosphatic fertilizer enriched with natural phosphate, bio nutrient, and organic carbon in granular form. It acts as basic nutritional food for the soil and improves the soil health, root growth, and yield of crops.

Dose :- 50 -60 kg per acre as per the crop pattern

Content :-

  • Organic source of Phosphorous
  • Play as basic nutritional food for soil at the time of sowing
  • Improves the soil structure & Keeps the fertility of land alive
  • Improves crop productivity
  • Prevents land from being acidic & toxic
  • Improves the water holding capacity of soil
  • Organic and Eco-friendly product

Content :-

  • Organic Carbon (Min.) = 7.9%,
  • Nitrogen (Min.) = 1.5%,
  • Phosphate P2O5 (Min.) = 10.4%,
  • CN Ratio < 20:1
  • Zinc = 310 ppm.
  • Copper = 40 ppm
  • Moisture (Max.) = 25%
  • Ph= 6-7

Krishak Amrit

Krishak Amrit vermicompost is produced by worms feeding on 100% cow manure. The quality of our vermicompost is maintained and 100% purity is our motto. Improves soil aeration, enriches soil with micro-organisms Microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times higher than in the compost manure, improves water holding capacity, Enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield.

Content :-

  • Organic Carbon (Min.) = 19.50%,
  • Nitrogen (Min.) = 1.30%
  • Phosphate P2O5 (Min.) = 0.90%
  • Potassium K2O= 0.95 %
  • CN Ratio <15:19
  • Moisture (Max.) = 18%
  • Ph= 6-7

Krishak Shakti

Being one of the trusted Company in the industry, we are highly engaged in providing a unique range of City Compost Fertilizer and Mushroom Compost Fertilizer.

Content :-

  • Organic Carbon (Min.) = 16%,
  • Total Nitrogen as N,Phosphate as P2 O2and potash as k2o( % by weight minimum- 1.2) = 2.3%
  • CN Ratio 12:7
  • Moisture (Max.) = 32%
  • Ph= 6.5